by Floco Torres

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A reprise in the Floco Torres story.


released July 7, 2017

All songs written by Floco Torres
Track 3 co-written by Floco Torres, Goodie Supreme & Billie Slum
Track 8 co-written by Charles Davis

Tracks 1-4 & 6-8 produced by Shawty Slim
Track 5 produced by Floco Torres



all rights reserved


Floco Torres Akron, Ohio

Floco (pronounced Flock-o) Torres knows a thing or two about starting over. 21 projects deep into his career as a solo recording artist, he has envisioned and revisioned his creative expression countless times and with this adaptive style he has gained a steady following for his hip-hop-meets-alternative rock style.- Nicole Baumann ... more

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Track Name: Floco's Joint
Keep ya head
To the sky
You gotta hold onto to what you believe in

Cant wait for things to go my way
Gotta go I might not know my way
I wish I could stay
I wish I had more to say

Keep ya head
To the sky
You gotta hold onto to what you believe in

Cant wait for things to go my way
Gotta go I might not know my way
Cant wait for you to see my pain

Keep ya head
To the sky
You gotta hold onto to what you believe in
Track Name: You!
Fell in love during the summer
Mom's a lover Pop's a hustler
So no wonder I'mma lover and a writer
I was a bright eyed kid with no prior
Record or records to push
Around the time nobody wanted to have a regular look
We all wanted to be from outer space
Maybe subconsciously we all knew the planet's almost done anyway
I'm just tryna dodge my thoughts of cemeteries
I only said I'd stay down here till February
Some of the best situations seem temporary
It turned out great, they think I'mma visionary
I'm really just the man with the balls to care
A big heart and some curled up hair
Baby it's a big world out there
I wanna see it all then maybe I'll come back to you

Always been hungry for success
But we live in a greedy society so sometimes you gotta look past your belly and find yourself
You might be a dick and don't know it
Sometimes I cared but can't show it
I thought we agreed on where it was all going
You started making lofty promises on how we would live
I went along with it to save face
And made you an anthem to play
We still reminisce about it to this day
But it wasn't enough
It's like the only way to be happy with you is wait around for you to catch up
And that ain't love
That's staying together for cheap rent
Stuck on the old days that came and went
Life has a way of showing you who's who
So no matter where I go it always comes back to you

I put my life on the line so we could all get some
You put ya life online so you can play the victim
Funny that the artist who originally made this
Said don't become a bass in a city full of bait fish
You encouraged me to take chances
And now that I'm taking another one you seem antsy
Not to mention for the work I do
All the kats that tried to play me I feel are
I know that I'm different
I know I might of had a little too much whiskey
I thought that I was making a difference and maybe I was
Maybe this a break and it's not a full break up
I just wanna feel like the time we spent was never wasted
They want me to bad mouth I still never say shit
We're both better because we met
I hope all these memories you never forget
Track Name: Voltron feat. Goodie Supreme & Billie Slum
I'm tired of every last one of yall
Tell ya mans too he don't want it dog

It's the OG that aint old enough
But still became a shoulder for your low self esteem
Claiming he hot but couldn't even set a steam to some straight leg jeans
I'mma jogger running laps round ya whole team
I aint sleeping I'm taking naps with sweet dreams
I know they prolly miss a lot of my work
So I snap on every verse when they do catch up
They hit you with the (hey big head)
Sometimes you gotta stand for something
I'm Charles Hamilton, Biggie, Hov and Cudi
I'm tryna stay alive in the land where the black man dies
Too many bullets
Too many crimes
Too many opinions too many times
I'm Nate Robinson
I played the bigger man too many times

I'm tired of every last one of yall
Tell ya mans too he don't want it dog

It's the most fed up but still hungry
I'mma hip-Hop junkie
Take the needle off the record
And put the beat in veins
All that hating that you doing never going in vein
This is Busta Rhymes wearing al of his chains
In the Touch It video when he came back swole
I left my hometown and I came back dope
You ran away with ya boyfriend and came back broke
So Sorry
Me and Shawty Slim Bad Boys but we're both Mike Lawry
The beat is hard the verse is crack
Where's the band the earth is flat
Play it forward or reverse it back
Get ya swag back daddy where ya focus at?

The rap game is like the seat reserved for Nicholson at the Staples Center cause all I see in the bitch is a bunch Jack ass
Ya team trash ya bench weak
Starters suck so pardon us having more fans in your gym applauding us
Call my bluff and I flush you straight in the chin with hooks
Under pressure I do whatever the winning took
My pen and book I use to scribble notes and scout you out
Is full of empty pages I won't waste the ink to white you out
They wipe their mouth with the hand that they bit to feed em
Either they don't know the difference or gave a fuck that they need em
That's why I came to beat until submission they tapping out
I aint letting loose till something breaks or snapping out
I'm spazzing out on everything I put my name on
Whole fuckin crew can get they brains blown

I'm over qualified but underrated
I make these rap n***** apologize and say I'm the greatest
Keep ya titles I'm homicidal and none to play with
My gun is blazing at any moving target no matter who the artist
When I arrive that's when ya judgement day is
All hail the grim reaper
And this is execution by speaker
Grab ya cross and hum ya prayers
And hope that God hear ya
My only aim is to kill ya slow like hard liquor
And when the beat ILL it only make the bars sicker
Dirty needle to ya veins till ya heart skip a
Beat adrenaline increase till it cease
You can take me out the jungle no matter I'm still the beast
And the flow is esco with a touch of Killa Priest
So consider this ya eulogy the day this shit released
Bow ya heads
Track Name: Nobody Knows
Before I had hope, before I even believed
That I could change the world with a lyric and a beat
I was beat down I was broken
Lost my train of thought no tokens, no focus
Losing touch like my calibrations off
If I don't make a change they gon write me off
I gotta leave the city so the world hear me
The universe keeping score
Everytime I see a Porsche it tells me to stay the course I'm like
I see the plan now
The little engine that could knows he can now
The only handouts I got was from professors
Aced every one and still learned life lessons
Now you wanna message talking bout get togethers
I aint got time destiny is on the other line
Its a race not a marathon
You wasn't with me walking to the marathon buying chips to survive
That's the part that

Nobody Knows
The pain, the struggle, the love the karma
You're not alone this right here's for all us
I know you're feeling like
Nobody Knows
Get up (3x)
Lets go

You wanna judge me and I aint Uncle feelin (Phil-lin) it
I'm beyond tired of all yall not feeling him
Family becoming blank spaces
I'm not filling them in
I acquire then defeat obstacle you look up and I did it again
It's like when Jay said 1% of a billion more than n***** ever seen
Still they wanna act like it's an everyday thing
When its parts of they own neighborhood they aint seen I'm like
I see a pattern
I aint been playing with em since I had a Sega Saturn
Career on growth spurt, new heights
Dodging the blue lights inspiring new guys you can
DIY and keep all the profit
Give you more leverage for the day they come knocking
And all the kats popping right now is just the new version of the last kat to fall down I look around like where's so and so they like

Nobody Knows
The pain, the struggle, the love the karma
You're not alone this right here's for all us
I know you're feeling like
Nobody Knows
Get up (3x)
Lets go

It's all about the shots you take in an empty gym
And how you handle the press if you aint get the win
We been under the radar for so long
I start questioning my mental state
And all the time we waste and all the shows with no pay
Friends that won't stay and roads that aint paved
Jobs that wont say why they ask for your race when you working in the back from 10-8
And I'm like
It's systematic
We been treated lesser before we could add
So when we come up on cash we blow a stack for the culture
Easy if I tell ya but its better if I show ya
Day by day we get closer
Either to death or the moment we waited for
Or both
So who you wanna be
The one that they pulling on TV for
Or the one that they put in the paper on page 4 that

Nobody Knows
The pain, the struggle, the love the karma
You're not alone this right here's for all us
I know you're feeling like
Nobody Knows
Get up (3x)
Lets go
Track Name: Age of Comfort
I pray to God that we all safe
Switching sounds like a crossfade
Same clothes for a couple of days
I dont mean fashion when I say I need the Balmain if you aint gon take a shot
We wanted to be like the kids wit silver spoons
Until we looked down and saw that we had em too
Never let the money put you under water like the snapchat filter
Flint needed clean water and they brought filters/I don't feel the
Sense of urgency in this world they just let it build up/Let it build up

Lets try this again

I just keep looking up
I dont see the foul/It Just me in here
I dont see a crowd
I'm kyrie on my BoB everything lookin flat round here
My circle of friends is thinning out
My Dad still pushing college on me
And My Ma bout to get her tumors out
Hoping we aint pulling tulips out
Chasing dreams look In foolish now
But it's not as bad as the feeling of clock in in
For a dude driving a Benz with stock wheels and factory speakers
He dress like 25 but really is 40
And it took em a decade to feel like he 35
Which means that he wasted 5 years somewhere and I don't wanna be that
Its a lot of shows that I'm sure are good but I dont wanna see that
I'm at the age of being comfortable but my to-do list says otherwise
If they retort..Tell em this glow up will be televised
Track Name: Elevator feat Kimie Yates
I'm feeling over dressed
I probably should've went with a vest
Or with something less Ryan Seacrest
Casual but it shows success
If they ask bout my last job and why I left
I'mma say there were no more opportunities for me to progress
I know I'm early
I wanna show that I'm punctual
You're late if you're on time
I learned that from the dude in drumline
I walk in through the double doors the secretaries got a line
Do I wait to speak to her or find the floor from one of these signs
I don't wanna come off like I'm too confident
It's odd but as black man in America you gotta watch that shit
I take my second option
Find the floor and press the arrow up
I breath deep and tip shoulders up

Sitting in this elevator
I'm on my way up (2x)
Sitting in this elevator
I'm on my way up (2x)
We so high (repeat)

I'm feeling under dressed
Probably should've went with a dress
Or with a shirt that shows a little chest
Men with positions like to feel like it's something they can get
My last job was full of that
I'm looking for opportunities and to be treated like I'm an asset
Not an ass for pigs to look at
I'm a little early but on my way up
I check my makeup
I see the signs for the elevator
I walk over and hit the arrow up
I breathe deep and tip my shoulders up

Sitting in this elevator
I'm on my way up (2x)
Sitting in this elevator
I'm on my way up (2x)
We so high (repeat)

I'm feeling like al of that went well
We gotta lot of good candidates
They're all qualified and the pressure it seems they can handle it
It's odd that these I interviews I was the one chosen to handle em
Especially since I just asked for a raise I
gotta baby on the way my
Quarterly numbers are great
When you put it that way it kinda feels like they're tryna phase me out
I need some air
I walk outta my office over to the elevator and press the arrow down
The door opens and my boss walks out

Sitting in this elevator
I'm going down down down
Track Name: Thoughts
Who would've thought it was a way for my thoughts to get me paid
And years later I paved my own paradise into a parking lot
And threw a festival from noon to seven o clock
I booked all my foes on the schedule to just watch
I thought that when my friends got signed that I was next
And the negative nancies around said not to hold my breath
I kept taking steps until the upstairs was gone
Some folks fell back on the couch in the same home
They asking me how not to keep making the same song
And none of my fans know these convos are going on
I'm telling myself stay strong in due time
Just light they asses up like cigarettes on fire
Lyrically I'm mirroring Royce Da 5'9
Yall funny like Jaqueline Joyce was on at 9
Those aint bars those are comedy clubs
Know the difference
It's a marathon not a race homie
Know the distance
You out here running ya mouth like you killing for bread
But it's 2 types of n***** and that's guns and butter
You either got stocks and bonds or drops and nine's
The latter will disappear when that card declines
And ya fam pays the debt when you in memory of
We're all one trade away from humility Bud
Fix ya face when you address me
Here's a screwdriver and a stamp get to steppin
No Martin Lawrence
If your plans not to become a part of ours
I suggest you have you and your homies go start the car and yall
Hit the bricks like Bruce Leroy
It's me and my fam there's no Lyor or LA Reid to lean on
In turn (Intern) it looks like I'm working for free
I book my own shows and I make my own coffee
Track Name: Charles Joint feat Charles Davis
Keep ya head
To the sky
You gotta hold onto to what you believe in

You don't know what it took for me to make it here
All the lonely days and constant fears
All the arguments and the constant fights
With myself wondering if what I'm doing is right

Keep ya head
To the sky
You gotta hold onto to what you believe in

Now my skies are bright no more clouds are gray
I'm better now cause I don't care what they say
Life's a game better know how to play
Cause if ya don't you'll never see a better day

Keep ya head
To the sky
You gotta hold onto to what you believe in