Celebratory Screams, Childhood Dreams

by Floco Torres

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7 months, Two broken hard drives, a laptop currently being cleaned from viruses, & recording sessions ranging from professional studios all the way down to my dude Spyro's kitchen. After ending a 3 year relationship & a 15 hour drive, it was time to be "real" with myself and quit music. I went home to be around people that would only tell me I'm fucking up if it was actually true. Although I didn't tell that to Infinite Quest at first, we started recording an untitled EP for fun while I was home for the holidays. I walked around my old neighborhood, took the train, met up with a few old friends & just wrote everything I wanted to say at the time as if this was my last project. "Hot Chocolate Mist" came first & we shot a video a few days later. From there....

All the shit we went through to not lose these songs, I wanted to present them as best as I could, & the ones that I couldn't, I'd give you a disclaimer that I want you to hear them anyway (One Step Away). Lyrics straight from my IPhone. You can download for free or donate as usual. From us, to you, we hope you enjoy this EP in all it's flaws and awesomeness.

To download the extended 8 track EP: www.soundcloud.com/FlocoTorres


released July 8, 2013

Produced by Infinite Quest



all rights reserved


Floco Torres Akron, Ohio

Floco (pronounced Flock-o) Torres knows a thing or two about starting over. 21 projects deep into his career as a solo recording artist, he has envisioned and revisioned his creative expression countless times and with this adaptive style he has gained a steady following for his hip-hop-meets-alternative rock style.- Nicole Baumann ... more

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Track Name: Street Lights
I grew up waiting for the street lights
Hoping maybe one day I could be like
the kids that didn't have to go inside
Praying my dreams would coincide
with being popular
and not be embarrassed with my parents ride
I would travel in my mind through my imagination
Some saw exaggeration/What I saw was captivating
So what I C is if I's before E
Its not hard to achieve
With a small hint of believe
Mom told me to write & pops told me to read
Hung with ol G's they all told me to leave
It took a little time but I always agreed
The ones I seen fall its always for greed
The volume of our laughter was never loud to me
Outside of our game the world was sound asleep
I was told before long
That I'd be thankful for every desk that I tucked my forehead onto my forearms
And they were correct
Now I reflect and try to prolong
The night can seem so long
I'm Excited for these kicks I'm bout to throw on
Peeking out the window when I should be counting sheep
But instead I'm counting on classmates being jealous of me
cause the way I'm cuffing my jeans
not tucked inside of my sneaks
I should be on the cover of a new coveted magazine
My mother came to wake me but I was never asleep
Plus I'm already dressed so she sent me out in the street
To wait on the bus I'm walking like something's wrong with my knees
cause a crease would make it seem like I had these sneakers for weeks
It's winter so the sun hasn't risen over the trees
The passing headlights are blinding the wind is making me sneeze
I'm standing next to a kid he noticed what's on my feet
he said that those aren't sposed to be out for a couple weeks
A few crowded around the way lights shined down
it made me feel like I levitated off the ground
Track Name: Unthinkable
This that close your eye lids & open the hydrants
To let the flow of good energy be the pilot
It's easy to get caught up in the bickering and violence
Rather than finding a massive weapon you can smile with
Try and get the love passed around
Like a letter that's passed around
In the back of the class
Or moving when the cars came past
To hit a line drive and break glass
We admired the gold watch and the gold chain
Wanted a fancy car with a diamond ring
Cause uh where we from we may never see it again
So it's only right to dream about a monetary gain
To momentarily see the world around you change
Depending on your intellect
Mixed with your intentions when they intersect
They say the only way to live
Is like you never knew you ever did
So I'm in pursuit to prove the purpose of following current paths
Cause one day the current will pass and all we'll have
The nights that we laughed & the rest is just conversation
Tryna reach the whole nation

Cause I remember back when times got tough
No matter what we did it was never enough
But we never looked down
Always gotta keep the clouds visible
Cause we tryna do the Unthinkable

Now if you think it then it probably comes naturally
Positive and negative like both sides of a battery
From a neighborhood full of assault and battery charges
So we would ride through nice neighborhoods to re-charge
See that's my house and that's my car
And one day mama said I'mma be a star
So I'm the mirror with a remote and then an air guitar
I mean a mic and a les paul
I'm next yall and my friends don't believe it
My girl thinks I'm being facetious
I did a showcase and I'm feeling defeated
Cause the dude that won said he sold crack
and I aint never seen it
Got a little name people know it when they see me
A few know my name off a DJ Supa cd
I'm on track like a 40 yard dash and the non-believers
mad they getting lapped

Cause I remember back when times got tough
No matter what we did it was never enough
But we never looked down
Always gotta keep the clouds visible
Cause we tryna do the Unthinkable
Track Name: Soul Ecstasy
I just want to see you, it's more than a facial gesture
It's the sign of knowing I'm headed in the right direction
Trying not to speak from the standpoint of erections
But it's hard tryna fight it when they say sex is a weapon
And ya beauty is a hollow point tip
Shoot, I hope you take that as a compliment
Cause Ive gotta whole clip so it's nothing to distribute more
But I think I've had enough of the shooting metaphors
I wanna take you out, cover puddles, open doors
And do the things women say men should be doing more
I'll be front row when you need me for support
With Champagne poured to toast behind closed doors
I'd like to promise rings and material things
But I know the evil it brings so simple it seems
So I'm down to do whatever just to show I ain't playing
But before I jump out the window, what's ya name?

I know I might have thrown you off girl, but I like what I see
You probably hear this all the time but, there's no one out like me
So I thought we could talk and see
If you we could reach Soul Ecstasy

Saying that I've noticed you
Sounds like I'm scoping you from a low angle roof
So I'd rather tell you that I looked once and couldn't stop
My eyes popped and my jaw dropped
I told myself after last time I'd be alone for a while
But thinking of you walking down the aisle
Makes me scared & elated at the same damn time
His and her watches at the same damn time
I need a woman that can understand hard times
And won't put me down when I'm stuck inside my mind
Respect is something that you gotta have you can't find
Or pick it up one day because you say 100 times
A two way street on a straight path to soul ecstasy
Cause when we get there I don't wanna ever leave
You'll make a better me the rest is a no brainer
Unless you're what they call a no-brainer.
Track Name: Upset Stomach feat. Severn Suzuki & Nicole Campbell
I represent a generation that was left for dead
Careless decisions over years hung over our heads
But we could never change the future while we look into the past
But we might not have a future if our current's in the trash
It's gonna take more than recycling ideas
From plastic hearts and glass tears
Drowning our sorrows in cheap bourbon and flat beers
We're taught to learn more with our eyes than out ears
We're force fed news but we're hungry for the truth
Your appetite for destruction
Doesnt fit with the discussion
For you it's all sport
For us, it's a matter of even being allowed on the court
So we stand here with only one agenda
To make a statement to every single board member
To stop treating our world like you're simply bored with it
Let's make a better future for the world we both live in cause

And the things you do, gets me down

The conversation resumes
and the older group assumes
that our knowledge doesn't qualify us to help with the rules
but I beg to differ/The people need more power
And if you can't oblige, then we'll scream (Louder)
The volume of request seems to get turned down in decibels
For decimals/A tyrant and his money are inseparable
Your separate reasons keep the playing field uneven
while you bicker back and forth we volley with the meaning
Blind us with your meetings and corporate legions
that oust a person reaching/For a hand to believe in
but you think they don't need it
Are you afraid that maybe you'd save lives
Or is profit more important than our futures demise
See we're tired of the lies and the Beatin round the bush
We'd like to see a change for good
But since nobody is perfect all we really wants acknowledgement and effort
Let's turn this around together but right now it's like...
Track Name: Cruisin
Yup, Yup

This is what I like to call, external motivation

Well um, I feel great, or ok, no wait
Let's just say I'm in a better place
See you blame it on a level of life that I rate
And say I'm irate
Not seeing the pressure eye face
I'm watching time race while I'm speeding up behind it
Just to past our history I hope that you're reminded
Of the good man I am, you spoke other wise
I couldn't even tell you that I'm pleasantly surprised but it's all good
I gave 100% of my heart you're the last person I wanna resent
It's not working out so I hope your cross fits
Round the neck your sticking out just to tell what I did
So what I did, I let your words motivate
You've become another reason that I'm always working late & then I rise early
Now that love is out the way, when they ask about us this is all I've really gotta say

It's all because of you I'll make it on my own
I thought our love was true till you left me all alone so...

Yup Yup, I'm doing what I gotta do 3x
Yup Yup, I'm doing what I gotta, doing what I gotta do

We all make mistakes
We all lose our way
We all blame another person when a heart breaks
It takes two to tango
You dancing round the subject of the matter like I aint know
What the root of the problem really is
It grew into the point of us just fighting like kids
I'm thinking it could be we were never really friends
Depending on someone just to save you from within
Maybe we should try it all again
But experience will tell me I should stop and settle in
And stop settling for whoever shows a grin
I guess I'm just a sucker for attention
Either way, I think I learned a lesson
Love over material possessions
I wish every single ex the best in all of your endeavors
Forget me or remember me forever

It's all because of you I'll make it on my own
I thought our love was true till you left me all alone so...

Yup Yup, I'm doing what I gotta do 3x
Yup Yup, I'm doing what I gotta, doing what I gotta do

So um, you know do I think if I went back
Yea probably
Do I think if you went back
Nah not really
But you know
Take it easy!