Voltron feat. Goodie Supreme & Billie Slum

from by Floco Torres

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I'm tired of every last one of yall
Tell ya mans too he don't want it dog

It's the OG that aint old enough
But still became a shoulder for your low self esteem
Claiming he hot but couldn't even set a steam to some straight leg jeans
I'mma jogger running laps round ya whole team
I aint sleeping I'm taking naps with sweet dreams
I know they prolly miss a lot of my work
So I snap on every verse when they do catch up
They hit you with the (hey big head)
Sometimes you gotta stand for something
I'm Charles Hamilton, Biggie, Hov and Cudi
I'm tryna stay alive in the land where the black man dies
Too many bullets
Too many crimes
Too many opinions too many times
I'm Nate Robinson
I played the bigger man too many times

I'm tired of every last one of yall
Tell ya mans too he don't want it dog

It's the most fed up but still hungry
I'mma hip-Hop junkie
Take the needle off the record
And put the beat in veins
All that hating that you doing never going in vein
This is Busta Rhymes wearing al of his chains
In the Touch It video when he came back swole
I left my hometown and I came back dope
You ran away with ya boyfriend and came back broke
So Sorry
Me and Shawty Slim Bad Boys but we're both Mike Lawry
The beat is hard the verse is crack
Where's the band the earth is flat
Play it forward or reverse it back
Get ya swag back daddy where ya focus at?

The rap game is like the seat reserved for Nicholson at the Staples Center cause all I see in the bitch is a bunch Jack ass
Ya team trash ya bench weak
Starters suck so pardon us having more fans in your gym applauding us
Call my bluff and I flush you straight in the chin with hooks
Under pressure I do whatever the winning took
My pen and book I use to scribble notes and scout you out
Is full of empty pages I won't waste the ink to white you out
They wipe their mouth with the hand that they bit to feed em
Either they don't know the difference or gave a fuck that they need em
That's why I came to beat until submission they tapping out
I aint letting loose till something breaks or snapping out
I'm spazzing out on everything I put my name on
Whole fuckin crew can get they brains blown

I'm over qualified but underrated
I make these rap n***** apologize and say I'm the greatest
Keep ya titles I'm homicidal and none to play with
My gun is blazing at any moving target no matter who the artist
When I arrive that's when ya judgement day is
All hail the grim reaper
And this is execution by speaker
Grab ya cross and hum ya prayers
And hope that God hear ya
My only aim is to kill ya slow like hard liquor
And when the beat ILL it only make the bars sicker
Dirty needle to ya veins till ya heart skip a
Beat adrenaline increase till it cease
You can take me out the jungle no matter I'm still the beast
And the flow is esco with a touch of Killa Priest
So consider this ya eulogy the day this shit released
Bow ya heads


from again, released July 7, 2017
Produced by Shawty Slim



all rights reserved


Floco Torres Akron, Ohio

Floco (pronounced Flock-o) Torres knows a thing or two about starting over. 21 projects deep into his career as a solo recording artist, he has envisioned and revisioned his creative expression countless times and with this adaptive style he has gained a steady following for his hip-hop-meets-alternative rock style.- Nicole Baumann ... more

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