Elevator feat Kimie Yates

from by Floco Torres

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I'm feeling over dressed
I probably should've went with a vest
Or with something less Ryan Seacrest
Casual but it shows success
If they ask bout my last job and why I left
I'mma say there were no more opportunities for me to progress
I know I'm early
I wanna show that I'm punctual
You're late if you're on time
I learned that from the dude in drumline
I walk in through the double doors the secretaries got a line
Do I wait to speak to her or find the floor from one of these signs
I don't wanna come off like I'm too confident
It's odd but as black man in America you gotta watch that shit
I take my second option
Find the floor and press the arrow up
I breath deep and tip shoulders up

Sitting in this elevator
I'm on my way up (2x)
Sitting in this elevator
I'm on my way up (2x)
We so high (repeat)

I'm feeling under dressed
Probably should've went with a dress
Or with a shirt that shows a little chest
Men with positions like to feel like it's something they can get
My last job was full of that
I'm looking for opportunities and to be treated like I'm an asset
Not an ass for pigs to look at
I'm a little early but on my way up
I check my makeup
I see the signs for the elevator
I walk over and hit the arrow up
I breathe deep and tip my shoulders up

Sitting in this elevator
I'm on my way up (2x)
Sitting in this elevator
I'm on my way up (2x)
We so high (repeat)

I'm feeling like al of that went well
We gotta lot of good candidates
They're all qualified and the pressure it seems they can handle it
It's odd that these I interviews I was the one chosen to handle em
Especially since I just asked for a raise I
gotta baby on the way my
Quarterly numbers are great
When you put it that way it kinda feels like they're tryna phase me out
I need some air
I walk outta my office over to the elevator and press the arrow down
The door opens and my boss walks out

Sitting in this elevator
I'm going down down down


from again, released July 7, 2017
Produced by Shawty Slim & JaqueBeatz



all rights reserved


Floco Torres Akron, Ohio

Floco (pronounced Flock-o) Torres knows a thing or two about starting over. 21 projects deep into his career as a solo recording artist, he has envisioned and revisioned his creative expression countless times and with this adaptive style he has gained a steady following for his hip-hop-meets-alternative rock style.- Nicole Baumann ... more

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